1. The 1000 Year Old Boy

This book is about a boy called Alfie Monk who lives for 1000 years and goes through a very tough and harsh life but he always has his friends behind his back.


2. The Boy at the Back of the Class

This fabulous/sad story is about a refugee who travelled all the way from Syria to England with his family. He gains friends at his new school and of course there is always a school bully but his friends are always there to protect him.


3. The Girl of Ink and Stars

This book about a girl who goes on an adventure to a forbidden island whilst her dad stays trapped in the dark for a very long time.


4. I Swapped my Brother on the Internet

I have not finishing this book yet but the moment that one of my friends from a book club that I go to  told me about it.

This book is about a boy who swaps his brother on the internet and none of the brothers that he gets are what you and him think they are unless you read the book or the blurb.