One day a boy ate a ripe gomu gomu no mi fruit that gave him a super power. His super power was to stretch. Shanks is a really important person to Luffy because he lost  his arm to save Luffy.  Shanks gave his strew hat to Luffy. then Shanks left the island. then Luffy he decided to be the King of the Pirates. Luffy want to a island to he found his fast crew mat in the island. It was a nice hot day. Luffe he walk to the nearest pas of marine. In a marine place he found Zoro Zoro decided to follow Luffy to be the best swordsman. They saw a lot of marines so they defeated them then. They sailed to a  famous rest au rant to find a cooker the cooker name was. Sanji Sanji said yes then enemy pirates came so Luffy and his crew want to defeat them sanji didn’t use his hand he use his fit the e but the new crew meet and Luffy defeated the strangest pirate of the  enemy’s crew in east blue a man the best swordsman abrade and Zoro col hem to a fight Zoro lost but Zoro made a promise to Luffy

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[Zoro made a promise to Luffy]

Zoro’s promise was that he could be badly injured but never lose again. The swordsman was glad that Zoro didn’t go back on his promise so he left. then Luffy Zoro and Sanji want to rescue Nami from another race named Shark Man. their leader said to Nami to cant one million barrys af Nami don’t do et the shark man leader will kill Nami’s family.


Luffy and Sanji Zoro and Ussop got a small bout to go to where Nami is so they could save Nami from Alouck Park the Evil leader of the Shark man people Alouck was punching Nami and was making Nami bled then after mane hours Alouck want some were then Zoro was the fast one to get there Zoro was lock in a prison Nami came and Said to Zoro “batá you get out of here before Alouck Park come here and kill you” and Nami then Nami freed  Zoro from the prison out of the sadden they hourd a large bang it was Luffy defeated by Along park and with Sanji and Zoro they triad but it was imposable and toying with them along took Nami by the neck and was hurating her Luffy with  anger of reveng Luffycame up and give a powerful bunch that bush back him insaighd going up sters and Luffy on top of the bilding Luffy said “gomu gomu noooooooo STAMP” Luffy stech his leg and with one blou the whole bilding was down and Along was dead and defeated they saved Nami and now they going to the next island


Luffy noticed