My favourite BSM that stands for book, series, movie is called “One piece” a series with over 1,000 episodes, a manga with over 1,000 different books and 17 movies with another coming out soon about a character I like but cant say that he is a favourite because he only has several lines and we don’t really know about him that’s why I really want to watch that movie but anyways the next paragraph is about the show and my favourite characters. Also there are special fruits witch were originally regular fruits there are three things that will change two might not those two are the shape and colour the one thing that has to change is the pattern the fruit will have a swirly line I should have a picture bellow

Series type-Anime
book type-Manga
movie type-Anime

on 16/6/2022 I’m writing about a character I created as the one piece universe main character with his own every thing I created.