Moscow Metro


The Moscow Metro opened on the 15th May 1935. The max speed is 24mph (40kph). It was the 1st Metro system to open in the Soviet Union. It runs through many cities of Moscow (Russia). The owner is currently Government of Moscow. The most busy lines are 1 & 2 with 400,000 people. The least busy line is line 13, with 51,000 people per day! There are 180 stations on all 12 lines (I think its ment to be 13 lines but ok!)

Komsomolskaya Square is the busiest station which is close to 3 railway terminals. The annual ridership is 2.442 Billion (in 2017.) Also, the daily ridership is 6.992 Million.


Ok, guys that is the end for now, next few blogs will be about “Busiest Stations”, “Least Used Stations” and “How long to walk from where to where in London? And their time?”

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