:] found out to get New Blocks and mobs In Minecraft 1.21: Ralphie  Minecraft adventure

How do you kill a warden? You use this command /kill@e you done it ;]  and you will notice that the warden is not there any more.

In Minecraft there are bonus chest and command block.

spectate mod and change the day. In Minecraft there is a cool fish called the tropical fish it is very cool so I can make in Minecraft there’s a new update in  1.21

These caroms and the camel can dash and attack as well and there’s 30 mobs these one extra mob which is a camel and a sniffer and a cherry blossom tree’s bamboo and  and  bamboo block. and scuik block a s

Shrecer and a Sculkseser a rainforest deepstate and there is education addition and mud to and a Mangrove swamp and frogs to and a biome called Swamp and these three Dimension called the End and the Nether  and 1 final 1 the Overwrld and in one of  my world imagined  a ship from the osnrn and I svitht on it of 3’000 day’s and  I have ben plain Minecraft of 7yr and wen I was 4yr old I made a working Pissdn Robot with a sored and Disgroi a Villg  in 1 minute my in Minecraft user name is MiniMan2607  and my friends user name is Screrxxx and Like Lego games and I like Fortnite