A couple of months ago I was going to other people’s Minecraft servers because they had stolen my powerful Netherite amour, diamonds, and my Bugatti. They were the guys who killed my two favorite dogs. They have been fooling my two friends pretending to be me in my server! The guys put me in a Bedrock Prison. I been Trying to escape but it was too hard the players did not know that MY FRIENDS were planning to get me out but the players had very hard high security.

Meanwhile I WAS GOING MAD LIKE A MAD MAN in prison. I was trying to glitch out of the bedrock but every time I tried it wouldn’t work because they put commands in the bedrock to stop me. The guards they let me out for mining to get emeralds. I was surprised when my friends disguised as a mutant villager arrived.  They told me there is a underground secret passage in my cell under my bed but I have to be silent and undetected so I can escape the prison.

So I planned the escape. I sneaked my way from the guards and into the toilet to the under ground escape room. Finally, I was doing good!

Meanwhile, me and my friends were under the dirt escape way we were nearly out of the prison but the guards put explosives and exploded their way in the dirt escape route and stopped us from escaping.

They all put us in a bedrock and obsidian under ground PRISON .
but in the beginning they haven’t clear all of us inventory so we started to get out our sword and Elytra’s pickaxes.

Look out for Chapter 2!

chapter 2

we all planed a second time BUT it was a distraction for the guard’s so they can leave we started to dig though the obsidion but my netherite pickaxe broke in the middle of digging
I was stuck again.
As I was starting to give up when my friends dig were I was and saved my hardcore life but we were still stuck .
I said to my friends I got an Idea again .
so the plan was a fake plan ‘ the real plan was under the bed ‘ that was my job ‘ the hard job I have to dig the bedrock with my favorite pickax it was a Hard choice.
But it was my only choice, I said good bye to my favorite pickax for the last time, so I started to dig away super fast ,I realized my pickax wasn’t breaking, then I realized
Last time I enchanted my pickax s that’s why it wasn’t breaking I was so surprised then my friends Duggen were I was and save me from starving to death in my Minecraft sever.

At last we are together and ready to escape the player who trapped me I will get revenge when I get revenge he is going to pay, I’m going to hack his secret base don,t ask me how , the secret base is deep under ground with laser shooting guards and a pit filled with Iron and barb wire spikes, my friends were thinking that I had no chance of beating that security, I said to them we are going to making a plan to get in the base but one of them have to distract the laser shooting guards, the laser shooting guards looked weak .

this is the end of chapter 2

chapter 3

back to was I saying the laser shooting guards looked weak but they were strong  it was impossible but I  had a chance of going though but I only had one chance, my friends said   they had a back up plan they have to leave the server and download  a mod but it gonna take a while in that while I’m going to figure out a plan so I was there alone, suddenly the laser shooting guards went of  but not in a alert way, then I Realized it was the player who trapped me in this prison he come up to me  and slashed me with his netherite sword , he come up to me and said “You will never defeat me. I have the most powerful amour ever. Now you are weak your back to  day one,” he said. I hit him with my pickax. For some reason it wasn’t doing anything to him I was so confused , suddenly my screen start to glitch out I tried to hack to stop the glitch it did nothing it’s like he put on a virus, right when was going to say something I was Teleport I thought it was the end of my Minecraft server , it wasn’t it looked like one of my  diamond advancer s then I realized the player was spying on me , even on my old server. Suddenly the player was Teleported in front of me,”That was crazy!”

In a very deep voice he replied, ”This is your server right?”

I said yes”

“he said to me” this  will be the end of your server”,

“I said to him “, You will never win and you can’t stop” me because “my friends will destroy you,

” Even if you win ” you can’t beat my  “friends ” oh really then were are they?” they aren’t here”,  they are planing to End you !”

“Oh really!”

“I like to see them try  to defeat me…”

“Oh you going to act tough well my friend are   downloading a mod that will kill you.”!

“ Oh really are you asking to fight me! “Ok then lets fight ok .

So me and Pronoob87 fought it was so powerful and hard we each sheared heavy blow to each  other  he wasn’t going down easily he hit me with a powerful BLOW it made me go down on my knees I thought I was going to die but somehow I escaped.  Do you want me to tell you how I did it?

“but  suddenly my avatar started to fly in mid air and a green shiny diamond came  out the ground and slowly started  fly near me and started to fused with me a shiny green Aura  start to flow with in me and my left arm had  leafs and rock around it and started to join with my arm and making my arm half of nature and a bit spikey   on my shoulder, at last  the green aura stopped  and I got extra gear after I had that incredible upgrade I walked across Pronoob87 secret base  but  it looked like nothing was in there not even the guards  8t was like it was abandoned by Pronoob87 but knew I have to investigate to see if he is doing a trick or not ,as I walked in I was  prepaired to fight Pronoob87  when I looked around there was nothing there except a red glowing light in a room to my left side I went in then I saw Pronoob87 stepping into a red glowing light and grabbed a red diamond  then I realized he wasn’t a ordernairy Minecraft player he was going to hack into the sever and take over the sever World  and his plan was the be the most strongest  player ever I ran into the red light and used my new found power to make him drop the red diamond  and it worked I quickly ran to the diamond and gotten it in my hand and ran as fast as I can ,finally I reached a safe place and the diamond came out of my hand and  fused with my chest but this time red thunders struck my chest five times after the 5th one a red and green shiny  aura was around my chest and formed a lighting on my chest and powerful thunder every time when I’m running and when I run to a tree  it gets on fire because of my lightning speed hits I felt more and more serious and stronger  but suddenly a I teleported to a different world and the  oldest  ice polar bear came near me and  it start

 to talk to me and this is what the polar bear” I am the oldest king ever and nobody has ever had a amazing power like  you must train with me to unlock your full power he said, I told him ok I will train with you, so me and the ice King bear went to the coldest mountain ever it was a far  walk in the cold but I still didn’t go down that easily the ice King bear challenge me to a 1v1 I accept I said , I thought it was going to be easy ” I was wrong  the ice King bear hit me with a powerful BLOW that was so hard that bits of ice came out his fist ” man that was powerful I said to him I asked can you teach me the the ice power,  of course said the ice King but its not going to be easy you need to learn five techniques before you can get the ice powers unlike the  powers that you  fused with two diamonds, now you have to earn the ice power by your own  raw skill and strength ready for the challenge yes I said to him ” He brought me to a old place he called it the ice apsticall ,so then can we start ok he said to me , he put me in some hard work but I can manage it  after that  he brought me in a meditating room he told me in older to learn and used the ice power you need to have a calm state of mind right now you think before fight you need to not think and just leave your  body to move by its self and let it use the Ice power , okI said to him I’ll try, without thinking    I  relax and let myself move on its own it to so many trys but I got the calm state of mind  now  I’m ready for the second technique but this time it was to walk on fire and after that I have to walk on ice cold spiky frozen water  to have more durability  and  to learn   self were, me and the ice King was walking for three days non stop at last  we made it to the super flaming hot side, the ice King  said to me take one step on the fire floor ok I replied,  the moment that I put my foot on the fire I felt nothing at all  the ice King was confused, how could you have no feeling  do it again  said the Ice King  so I did but the same thing happened, but suddenly the red aura started again but this time I actually felt it get more stronger then before! It was amazing feeling after it stopped, I used my running ability again but when I ran and stopped lighting and fire came out my hands and I shooted  one  at the ice tree and it actually worked and burnt the tree down easily in one swift move. Now I learn the   first technique  now I need to go on the ice spiky side so me and Ice King walked for  five days. as we finally got there I walked on the spiky ice floor  but this time I felt a sharp pain on my two foot but I  kept going. as I reached the end I fully master the self moving technique I did not realized that I walk without thinking or using my body, and just left my body to move on its own now I was ready. That so I thought the Ice King told me that I need to learn three more techniques.

“What ever the techniques are I can learn it I said to the Ice King.

like I said it’s not going to be easy.

“said the Ice King.

“Okay yeah I said to him,” the Ice King told me to rematch him In a 1v1.”

challenge accepted I said .

all right then let’s go to a fighting place”.

Woah not so fast first we need to go to a proper place to fight.”

The Ice King teleported  us to a different place but the place was super grassy and rocky.  There were cracks on the rocks filled in with some kind of purple energy.   I some how felt the energy like a aura in my chest and the aura shone around me.  I told the Ice king and he replied by saying  this, “You all ready have powers right?”

“That Energy is some how connected most players that have powers “like you  don’t have this type of connection like you.”

wait there are some people that have the same powers as me.

why didn’t you tell me  when I came here?”

I  shouted at the Ice King.

“oh I Forgot to tell you because I was sleeping for fifty years and then I forget is because I’m 500 years old and I was sleeping for