The meme news at the moment is app store is lying we all know Minecraft is the best but other good games are dead.

So yes it will say these bad idle tycoons

Our best trending memes fresh for today are here for you:

10. area 51

9. tiktok

8. minecraft hacks

7. gifs

6. roblox noobs

5. life hacks

4. new sonic movie

3. try not to laugh

2 youtube

1. More epic gaming

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Look out Minecraft fans for the new update we will have goats, the new nether polish up and the new Minecraft dungeons for now don’t get trolled by Herobrine . As we all know it is hard to find a good game to play on the app store we could suggest Minecraft, Roblox and Troll Quest  did you know you should take a look at the new trailer for iphone 12?

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