Chapter One

Hi…my name is Lee Bron and this world is strange because everyone has powers except me. My parents left me because they knew I didn’t have any kind of powers. I mean why would they do that cause I didn’t have some stupid power? I live in my Grandpa’s house. When I was little, my parents just left on a road and Grandpa saw me and picked me up. He deserves more than a thank you. I mean he could have just left me and didn’t have to pick me up. I wasn’t just thrown away when I was born, I was with my parents until eight. I had cousins but not anymore. They were murdered. They were murdered by this annoying man. He had the best power in the world. His power was… ‘’HEY KID DINNER’S READY’’ shouted Grandpa. He shouted because he was downstairs and I was upstairs. I was starving so I sprinted downstairs and asked ‘’what’s for dinner?’’ ‘’ Uhm… pizza’’ replied Grandpa. I love pizza. Oh yeah, my Grandpa’s power is… good tasting power. At least it’s better than having nothing.