I am writing about Joseph because he is living far away and writing about him helps me to remember him.

Born on the day of the Grand National (a famous horse race) in 1987 at Torbay Hospital, Joseph was the fourth and final child of Martin and Joanna. When he was only just a toddler he managed to fall face first into the family pond and nearly drowned. Perhaps as a result of this, he spent his early days becoming very good at swimming and rugby and, despite several bumps and scrapes including getting a screwdriver jabbed in his eye and scraping the gums off his two front teeth when he fell on to a box of toys, he left Eden Park Primary School and began life at Churston Grammar School.

Later on in life his abilities in the swimming pool would come in useful as he trained to be a lifeguard. Tired of the low pay and lack of adventure, he left the UK and headed to Australia where he spent several months travelling around living in hostels and working on local farms picking bananas.

It was while flying ‘down under’ that he met the love of his life, Marissa who he would later go on to marry in 2019. His greatest achievement is arguably the time he saved two of Marissa’s cousins from drowning when they got caught in a rip-tide (a powerful current that sucks you out to sea).

Like a scene from Baywatch, Joseph sprinted down the beach and swam out to the edge of an underwater sandbar where the children were delicately perched with their heads barely above water. He arrived just in time and clung on to both of them; one on each arm. He had to wait some time for help to arrive, but fortunately, all ended well thanks to him. This is not the only example of him saving someone’s life in the water.

I think Joseph is a very courageous and helpful person and many people owe their lives to him and his swift actions. Also, he is my younger brother, but I look up to him.