One day Cat,Poppy,Cat’s brother and Digger went to a restrauant where they ordered pizia as they got it Poppy said can “I have it all?”. “No”, they said, so Poppy go angry so she threw the piziz at Cat. Then he got hold of pasta from a random plate then everyone ran away. Then he threw it at Poppy but it hit Digger which started a food fight. Poppy hide in the kitchen while cat went crazy by grabbing everything . Then Digger got his wand out and casted the expeliarmas spell at Cat that knocked him out into the road, but there were no cars. Then Cat’s brother, Poppy and Digger had a duel. Tey got there wands out . “foucs” said Digger. “Acrarementi”. shouted Cat’ brother. Then cat’s brother got knocked into a table. Poppy came out and got her wand and dueled agian with Digger. “Slugus” said Poppy and “expeliarmus” said Digger. Poppy won so then they got in then Digger started spiting slugs. THE END.