The next day I gave Jayden some ice for his eye he threw it on the floor so i walked away while I was walking he said  I anit no punk. I laughed and said will see Jayden  well I didn’t  say that for nothing I let just say he will never decline a peace offering again I broke the TV and blame it on him he got beat I was In the corner with my popcorn getting fronts seats. Well it just got worse  because he burned my sign Kobe  La Lakers only two  made in the world and now its gone when I saw in the bin I said im gonna kill him but. Are aunt came at the right time he was about to hurt me because he was grounded for two months no games only school work but I slipped  in some extra snacks he said no so i called him ungrateful   then we got in a big fight lets say it wasn’t to sweet. So I was hurt he was hurt, in my head i said things But there was a little problem he was my twin. So I forgot he could read my mind  I completely forgot  he was there. Although i had my pistol and i was armed my brother  could fight so i thought two things should i shoot or fight i picked fight.But are aunt came right through the driveway it was happening so we got kicked out and now we have to live with our uncle he just came out of prison his house is down the road. Matter fact my aunt boyfriend was happy we were leaving mainly because of Jayden he will stayed up until 5 in the morning we packed are bags. And are aunt drove us there His house looked like a a mad house  it had bare people most people were old young there were even baby can you image.I begged Jayden did not care well are aunt if we behave here for a full year they can come back. Why a full year i said she said well because i need a vacation with my boyfriend soon to be husband  everyone was shocked my aunt ran to the car no bye how rude she really wanted us gone I pulled Jayden to the side.