The final battle after to 2 years. I’m really ok start the match.

ok 3 2 1 go. Red slash the ball move so fast defenle he will not stop it bash how did he stop It? the ball was so fast how did he evevn stop that ok now will use It finle slash. no way he could stop It how did my mrastur stop that AHHHHA elemnatit. More trineing no mastaster oh hey there say ray. hi there said sky sorry I can’ t play said ray  bye.  ok mastre lets do so more trainee 3 2 1 gooo ok lets do marset   infinity what masters.

How did you do that you  need to trine ray  then you can do that and the move is called infinity ok  hit the ball   I think  your reallyd   ray goo into a  march yes yes I been waiting thank you no worrys. ok   lets play.

13 people in the arena  I need to win  this red  slash  oh hey  there ray

wait how do you know my name? oh  your wait  know I will make’  you pay.

comedown  guys there is a new kid his name is Zeke oh hi there said Ray do you want to train I like to work oh the dummy said Zeke ok sky do you want to come train with us ok.  what level do want  easy  normal   hard I will take hard ok go portal arena come on dummy lets clash oh my god Zeke the ball speed is go so fast this guy is amazing ok we are done training  ok lest go get some thing to eat ok . the next day  oh good morning Zeke oh hi ray where is Sky

wait there is a townmto lets join it ray and sky ok sure guys now  we are in the arena lets priatis ok bet  two dummy ok ray sky and Zeke come up lets goo guys  we can win 3 2 1 go. red slash he stop it rey dont worry Sky Zeke go ok hollow purple 200% oho run!!!! nice one Zeke one left Its my turn infnly void what happing  hollow red and blue Maxoutput.

yes I did it we have are winners Ray Sky and Zeke yes we win.

I unlock a new abltiy me yes i got one to we use It to tormorw.



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