Its been 3 years and corpse has healed and he has been sent on a mission to take down a mob boss. Corpse is dropped from a helicopter to land in the southern part of Russia. Corpse weapons are an advanced Ak-47 and a M24 to take down the guards

He takes all of them down and manages to get outside the noor

He tries to bust  through the door but it won’t open so he looks to his right ad sees a keycard. He takes the keycard and inspects it. he looks at the back and it says slide the key card on the door. He slides it and the door quickly opens. Corpse enters and the door is closed quickly. he uses  night vision goggles to see better since they turned off the lights. he shoots all the guards and all of them are dead. He looks everywhere and the ceiling is dripping in wine red blood, the walls were spraying with blood and there is a man who’s had his skull cracked open with blood oozing out his brain. he searches  the corridors and its empty.

“You’ve made it drop the weapons and fight like a man!” Demanded the Mob Boss. they start fighting and The Mob boss hits him in the head and lands a lethal punch to his Liver. Corpse Uppercuts his jaw and takes a small knife and pierces his heart and the Mob boss dies with his body parts split apart and blood everywhere. Corpse demands a black hawk to pick him up. In the air the helicopter is being shot  down. Corpse takes a parachute and lands in Mexico.