I love basketball, in my opinion its better than football and any other sport. However that’s my opinion because it gets my blood pumping more than football, tennis and rugby. So many people love football because it inspires them to imitate there role model. In fact there are over 3.27 Billion football fans. Some people say that if you like Football you can’t be friends with fans of basketball but truly they don’t know how similar the two are, for example you play both games with a ball, its team versus team and you aim for a goal.

My favorite team is the Lakers and for my birthday I would like a Lakers jersey . The logo for the Lakers is very simple its just a basketball with Lakers around it the colure scheme for is is purple and yellowish orange its so simple but so beautiful and original. some times I dream about playing or watching a game but not on TV or my console in real life like really experiencing the feel of watching or the gigantic and overwhelming sensation of playing in front of so many people and inspiring more like me. I first had Lebron James and Michell Jordan as my Idol but then I stopped loving LeBron James and instead Kobe Bryant unfortunately Kobe died at the start of 2021 due to a plane crash including his daughter

if you want to know the exact rules of basketball you can search these up on google: Scoring, Dribbling, Traveling, Carrying, Double dribble, 8-Seconed back court, 3-Second paint, and Out of bounds Theses are the eight basic rules of basket ball I hope you have a grate time playing basketball

There are a lot of skills/tricks in basketball the ones I know are spinning the ball passing it between your legs although I’m not the best at it but dribbling and my handles on the ball is my specialty and it super good because for example if your running to the hoop but the person who’s marking you is always in front of you if you have good handles you could run unexpectedly and f you leave them behind the leaving them to ether run for you or stand there in shock no matter what they do you have higher chance of scoring or you could do one of essayist but super satisfying skill or a trick its kind of both but to do this they have to run for you and if they catch up then bounce the ball backwards then if they didn’t expect that leading them into losing there stance or posture witch is called a ankle brake anyone can do this as long as if you don’t double dribble and you need to have handles.