Hello my name is Theo I real like basketball. I start liking basketball when I was 5 years old and played in school. I ‘m 9 years
but Let’s start this thing .

One day I was training normally but then my Basketball teacher said “Theo do you want to play a basketball match?”

I screamed “Yes let’s go!. on that time I thought  I  so I trained extremely hard. When I jumped legs wouldn’t work.  When it  was the day I was a bit nervous  on Theo destroyed him so I get on the pitch Everybody clapped and before the match we will practice our shooting. So I trained my shots  and then we started the game and the referee threw the ball up.  The game started one the guy snatch the ball to me. so I ran the fast’s as I cud and I jump the heist as possible and I dud a layup and scored a point to my team. and everybody was happy and then after we celebrated the other team started from the back lean and they pas to the guy off his team and my team defends order gone tackle  the other team sand my team nely got the ball of the other team but the other team was rile got and the other team rune and pas to the guy off his team and the guy off his team shoot and didn’t score and the other guy get the ball and score