ADD Sentences / Paragraphs
ADD: Action, Dialogue and Description in narrative writing.

When teaching dialogue writing, emphasise the idea that the characters would not be standing static, during the conversation.  Therefore, students have to describe what is happening, rather than writing what is effectively a play script.  Explore how successful authors do this.

e.g. Objective: To use ADD sentences in a story paragraph, so that the reader can picture the scene
Introduce objective and explainADD (Action, Dialogue and Description).
Class identify Action, Dialogue and Description in the sentences.

Prepared text for modelling:

  • Action
  • Dialogue
  • Description
  • To be written in advance of the session

“At last, I have found you!” screeched the gloating hag, grabbing Jasmin’s skinny arm.  
Frederick, got leapt up from the haul saying screaming, “Leave her!”
“You thought you could run away and steal from me too?”
she accused, seeing spying the jewels glittering in Jasmin’s hands.


Notice the precise verbs convey action and description, which is often why teachers ban words like ‘went’ and ‘said’.   If you make this explicit to students, you are teaching grammar in context.

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